Scentbird Review

If you’re like most women, you love a great perfume. After hair and makeup, I love to spray my favorite perfume on before heading out of my house. It’s the perfect finishing touch to complement any look.

One of my favorite things to do at my  local Sephora, and department store is to sample and check out all of the newest scents. I’d love to take them all home, but the reality is that I can’t! Not to mention, how pricey it would be to snag them all.

When I first heard about Scentbird, I knew I had to try! Just the thought of a monthly designer fragrance subscription service was so exciting. It means trying out all of the designer fragrances a girl can on only dream of, for a fraction of the cost, without having to commit to buying anything!

If you aren’t familiar with Scentbird, it’s basically a luxury subscription service that sends you a 30 day supply of any fragrance for just $14.95 per month. That’s it! Discover a  different designer fragrance out of 400+ perfumes you want to try each month, for a low price.


Signing up is super easy. Once you do, you take a short quiz that helps find the perfect scent for you. You can also be scent matched by searching by brand, occasion, mood or personality.  There is an option that lets you add scents you already love, and they recommend similar scents for you try that you might have not heard of. You can add any 3 scents to your queue, or they can choose for you and send you a “scent of the month”.

scentbird 3

I’m a big fan of woody and floral fragrances, and after taking a brief scent quiz,  I chose Decadence by Marc Jacobs.  The description of this fragrance is ‘A sensual, luxurious, and woody fragrance, Decadence embodies the spirit of irreverent glamour. The fragrance opens with sultry top notes of Italian plum, iris flower, and saffron. ” I was sold on this scent and obsessed when it came!

The packaging was perfection. It came with an instruction card, and a vial of the fragrance within a black velvet pouch. So sheek.  What’s also great, is that it fits discreetly and perfectly in your purse. Perfect for on-the-go and travel. Just as you would a lipstick, you just twist… and spray! Each monthly vial of fragrance can be easily switched out and holds enough fragrance for up 120 sprays.


Scentbird also offers gifting options. Who wouldn’t love a few months of designer fragrance as a gift? They offer fragrances for men too! The best part is that all Scentbird subscribers get $15 off a full-size bottle of their choice, every month! How great is that?

Use code “LUXEGLAM15” to get 15% off your first month of Scentbird. That’s 15% off of $14.95!

Comment below, and let me know what scent you chose!

What are your favorite perfumes?







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